Airdata UAV's Drone Management Software

The drone experience extends past the physical act of operating a UAV. Being able to easily sync and understand your flight logs is crucial during professional and recreational operations. I personally use Airdata UAV for my drone fleet management, and would highly recommend their software for the serious drone pilot. 

More than meets the eye…

Airdata UAV's software goes far beyond flight log analytics. Check out some of their other amazing features below. 

Automatic Data Syncing

Choose to either manually sync your flights with Airdata or have them sync automatically. Airdata supports a variety of flight apps – some of which include: DJI GO 4, DJI Pilot, Litchi, DroneDeploy and Pix4D. Visit their site for a complete list of supported apps. 

Flight Analytics

Helpful metrics make it easier to monitor your drone's performance. View a flight log to see what your max speed, battery temp and altitude were for the flight. Diagnose errors and warnings and see what the weather was during the flight. 

Share Flight Logs

It's often beneficial to have others look at your flight logs to help you diagnose problems. It's easy to share your flight logs be creating a unique sharing link, and you are able to choose what information you would like to be shared. 

Live Streaming

Airdata offers very low latency live streaming. This is highly beneficial for law enforcement, search and rescue (SAR), or any other circumstance where it's not feasible to have a lot of latency (delay) with the live video feed. Stream to anyone you share the link with. 


OK TO FLY is an app that gives you a snapshot of weather, how many pilots are nearby, and how many GPS satellites are present for a specific time and location. Access the app from your phone, tablet, or desktop. 

Maintenance Records

It's wise to have a preventative maintenance schedule for your drone and batteries. Airdata provides basic and full preset schedules with a snapshot of when and what maintenance is due. 


Get notified when certain preset thresholds have been exceeded. Want to get notified when your battery climbs past a certain temp? Set an alert for it. Set an alert for when wind speeds surpass safe flying conditions. 

Create Reports

Professional drone pilots often need to make reports to submit to aviation authorities or create operational reports. Choose between regulatory templates or custom reports to generate the necessary document type. 

Support Forum

There is an active forum that you get to be a part of when you join the Airdata team. Search for questions that others have and submit yours if the topic has not yet been discussed. Moderators are helpful and provide valuable insight.

Airdata UAV Walkthrough 

I created a walkthrough that shows the features of Airdata UAV — it is broken up into organized sections for easier navigation. I highly recommend reading this walkthrough if you are thinking about signing up for a free or paid subscription. 

Low Latency Live Streaming

This video demonstrates the capability of Airdata's low latency live streaming feature. With latency times under 2 seconds, this is a must-have for situations where a delay could be detrimental to an operation. You can expect about a 30-second delay while live streaming with the DJI GO 4 app.

Airdata UAV offers a 20% discount for readers of Let Us Drone.

As a sign of appreciation for writing an in-depth walkthrough for their software, the crew over at Airdata UAV offers a 20% discount for readers of Let Us Drone. Sign up for a free account or upgrade to one of their paid subscriptions to unlock more features. 

"Airdata UAV's drone management software is a must-have for the professional drone pilot."

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