A guide to assist you in understanding drone, remote controller, and camera settings on the DJI GO 4 app; along with links to related articles and videos.

What's inside?

This DJI GO 4 guide is packed with close to 100 pages of helpful content that will make navigating the GO 4 app a breeze! 

Table of Contents

The guide is broken up into organized sections which are listed in the table of contents.

Instant Searches

Use the “find” function on your mobile device or computer to quickly find keywords.

Simple Explanations

Definitions make complex terminology easy to understand and follow along with.

Helpful Links

Links to external articles and videos are included to provide further clarity on settings.


Screenshots of the GO 4 app for each section make it easy to follow along.


Included in the guide are setting recommendations for specific scenarios and circumstances.

Quick Access

Instantly reference the guide by adding it to the home screen of your mobile device. Create a PDF for offline viewing when flying in remote locations.

View on Desktop

You can access the guide using a mobile device, tablet, or desktop. 


Ready to master the DJI GO 4 app?

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