The Spark and Tello aren't exactly in the same category. As shown in the diagrams below, their specs aren't that close to being comparable; but in the same category they shall remain until DJI releases more drones in the sub $500 class. The Tello is actually not even made by DJI (contains DJI flight tech), but a new startup company by the name of Ryze Tech. With that being said, either drone is a great option for the beginner pilot looking to learn the basics of operating a sUAV, or for the seasoned vet looking to hone their indoor flying skills during those long winter months.

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Are you looking for your first drone? Do you already have other drones and want to keep one in your car at all time so you don't get separation anxiety? Enter, Spark. Launch this little guy from your hand and let it be the life of the party with it's 16-minute flight time and 31 mph top speed. The Spark should be considered when spending $800 plus on another DJI drone is not an option.

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If you're new to drones, I'd strongly recommend getting a Tello first. Sure, you'll outgrow it pretty fast, but crashing a $99 drone hurts a lot less than crashing one that's $1,500. It's worth noting that Ryze Tech is the company that makes this drone, but it has DJI flight technology and an Intel processor. Check out my hands-on review of the Tello here.

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