DJI User Manuals

Drone and Gimbal Manuals

These manuals are taken directly from DJI's website. This list is updated on a monthly basis in order to keep the documents up to date. 

Mavic Series

Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom (v1.6)

Mavic Pro/Plat (v2.0)

Mavic Air (v1.2)

Phantom Series

Phantom 4 Pro (V1.6)

Phantom 4 Adv. (v1.0)

Phantom 4 (v1.6)

Phantom 3 SE (v1.0)

Phantom 3 Pro (V1.8)

Phantom 3 Adv. (v1.8)

Phantom 3 Stan. (v1.4)

Phantom 3 4K (v1.2)

Spark Series

Spark (v1.6)

Inspire Series

Inspire 2 Series (v2.0)

Inspire 1 Pro (v1.4)

Inspire 1 RAW (v1.2)

Inspire 1 (v2.2)

DJI Assistant

DJI Assistant Downloads

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