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I created this blog as a resource to anyone who has or is looking to buy a DJI product. Posts cover anything from how to calibrate the compass on your drone to in-depth reviews on the latest products. Whether drones are your hobby or a source of income, I aim to create content for everyone, and promise to be fair and honest in its delivery.

My California Playground 

Many of the pictures you see on the blog and the videos you see on my YouTube channel are taken in San Diego, California. A beautiful city, but not without its fair share of “no-fly” zones. It's taken a while for me to find the best places to fly in the area.

I've been up and down the southern and central part of the California coast, and look for any opportunity to fly my drones in new locations. Have any ideas for where I should visit? 

About Me

      Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall


Hey everyone, I'm the guy behind the keyboard. My beautiful wife and I work in the field of physical therapy. I enjoy mountain biking, anything that goes fast, and obviously, drones. 

I started this blog because I couldn't find a source that had extensive, clear guides about DJI products. Of course you can find helpful content out there, but I wanted to create the ultimate resource for DJI users. 


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Any feedback on how I can better serve the DJI community would be greatly appreciated.

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