The Phantom series paved the way for DJI's success. Since the release of the Phantom 1 in 2013, DJI has continued to improve upon their flagship design. A Phantom is an excellent starter drone; what with its reasonable price tag and incredible capabilities. Many professionals have used them as well for commercial uses, taking advantage of their powerful cameras and in-flight stability. When choosing between a Phantom and a Mavic it often comes down to what feature you value more: portability or camera capabilities.

  • Performance
  • Camera/Gimbal
  • Portability
  • Price


Phantom 4 Pro V2.0

V2.0 shares the same beautiful 4K 60fps video and 30-minute flight time with the regular Pro, as well as 5-direction obstacle sensing. The upgrades found in the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 include new ESC's and more aerodynamic props, making the drone 60% quieter. The Lightbridge transmission system found in the older Phantoms has been upgraded to OcuSync with V2.0 as well.

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Phantom 4 Pro

If you're willing to sacrifice some portability for a truly exceptional camera, the Phantom 4 Pro may be the drone for you. With a 1-inch image sensor capable of shooting 20 mp stills and 4K video at 60fps, the P4 Pro is ideal for both the hobbyist and professional. With a 30-minute flight time and a max speed of 44 mph, a collection would not be complete without this capable sUAV.

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Phantom 4 Advanced

What's the difference between a Phantom 4 Advanced and a Phantom 4 Pro? Not much my friend, not much. Obstacle sensing for P4 Pro: forward, backward, downward, and sides. Obstacle sensing for P4 Advanced: forward and downward. P4 Pro owners can also switch between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz, whereas P4 Advanced owners are limited to 2.4 GHz. With that being said, most people say there isn't much of a difference between the two frequencies in real-world flying.

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Phantom 4

For someone who digs the Phantom line of drones but wants to save a few hundred bucks, the Phantom 4 should not be quickly passed over. The P4 is essentially a P4 Advanced with a different camera and battery. P4 camera: 4K 30fps, stills-1/2.3 inch @ 12 mp and 60 Mbps. P4A camera: 4K 60fps, stills-1 inch @ 20 mp and 100 Mbps. The batteries are interchangeable so a P4 owner can simply use the higher Mah P4A and P4 Pro battery to get a longer flight time.

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