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Oh, darn. Your drone lost a propeller, or the control stick on your remote snapped off. Does this mean your current drone is useless and you have to buy another? Not at all. You can purchase new parts instead. Which sites should you do this from?

The following 12 websites and retailers are some of the best if you need drone parts:

  • Best Buy
  • GetFPV
  • HobbyTown
  • DroneNerds
  • RobotShop
  • Amazon
  • Horizon Hobby
  • Unmanned Tech Shop
  • eBay
  • Hobbyking
  • Express Drone Parts
  • DroneRacingParts

Whether you’re searching for a DJI drone replacement part or a piece for another drone brand entirely, this article will be your guide. We’ll cover all the best retailers for drone parts as well as what you can expect when you order.

The 12 Best Places to Buy Drone Parts

Best Buy

Best Buy (BBY)

Let’s start with one of the better-known tech brands, Best Buy. Not only can you purchase a drone through this retail giant, but you can pick up any and all replacement parts you may need as well. If you browse around their website, you’ll quickly be impressed by the variety of drone manufacturers represented here. These include the major names like DJI and Yuneec. You can also shop cameras and parts from Lume Cube, Digipower, Bower, Parrot, PolarPro, and Autel Robotics.

What kinds of parts are you looking for? The chances are good you can find them through Best Buy. On their website, they have such items as a 10-piece accessory kit for the Mavic 2 Zoom or Mavic 2 Pro from DJI as well as a Sky Capture Series memory card case for Bower drones.

You can also track down quick-release propellers for UAVs like DJI’s Spark, Yuneec’s Typhoon H Plus, and DJI’s Tello. Other items for sale include propeller guards, gimbal covers, and mounting brackets.  


GetFPV - Home | Facebook

While Best Buy is a good site to use if you need propellers and other common replacement parts, what if you’re looking for electrical components for your drone? In that case, you’d want to shop at GetFPV, a site that specializes in drones and all sorts of parts for them.

Yes, you’ve got your props here, but you can also pick up handy parts and accessories like radios, chargers and batteries, and motors. If you’re seeking a module adapter, a gyroscope board, or a step-down voltage regulator, you can browse these parts on GetFPV’s very extensive website.

Eager to track down a specific motor? GetFPV has almost any you can imagine, including gimbal motors, industrial and commercial motors, micro quad motors, and mini quad motors. With their range of products, you could get your drone motor replaced in no time.

You can find your standard products for big-name drone brands here, including DJI. GetFPV also carries parts from brands like EMAX, XILO, Fat Shark, Lumenier, and more.

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As the name should tell you, HobbyTown is a resource for all sorts of hobbyists, including those into 3D printing, rock crawling, helicopters, FPV racing, trucks and cars, boats, planes, and yes, drones. They have stores across the United States, but with the power of the Internet, you can shop for your drone parts from HobbyTown and get them shipped.

All the drone part brands you want are here, including Revell, LaTrax, Kyosho, Heli-Max, Dromida, and Ares. HobbyTown has more parts for some drones (like DJI or Yuneec) than others, so depending on what you’re looking for, you may have to use a different drone part retailer.

That said, HobbyTown’s parts really do run the gamut. A smattering of the products we found on their site include the following:

  • Yuneec Q500 4K body and airframe set
  • Blade Choma three-axis gimbal for a GoPro Hero4
  • Venom Power P4 DJI Phantom 4 four-channel drone battery charger at 100 watts
  • Yuneec USA Typhoon Q500/4k 3S LiPo battery

With nearly 700 products available as of this writing, we have no doubt you can stock up on your drone supplies and parts through HobbyTown.



Calling themselves “the largest UAV dealer in the United States,” next, we’ve got DroneNerds. They’re a service center for DJI drones, so you can expect lots of parts for these. DroneNerds also partners with brands like Parrot, PolarPro, Autel Robotics, Flir, Lume Cube, Yuneec, Venom, Ready Rig, and more.

Like some of the other retailers we’ve covered, DroneNerds sells drones as well as parts. We’ll focus on the parts you can pick up from this site, which include gimbals, sensors, and cameras. Their gimbals are mostly built for DJI equipment, like those in the Osmo and Ronin families.

If you’re looking for thermal sensors for the Flir Duo (including the Duo R, Duo Pro, or Duo Pro R), the Flir Vue and Vue Pro, or the DJI Zenmuse XT and Zenmuse XT2, you can get ‘em here. You can also pick up multispectral cameras from SlantRange, Sentera, NDVI, Parrot Sequoia, and Micasense.

DroneNerds’ RED cameras include RANGER, DSCM2, and more. If you’re looking to replace your current drone camera, try an HD model for the DJI Z30, DJI Osmo Action, or the DJI Zenmuse X3, X5, X7, and Z3.

Should your drone break and you don’t think you can fix it yourself, DroneNerds also offers a repair service. They can fix UAVs from DJI, including the Spark, Phantom, Mavic, and Inspire.


Bookmark RobotShop in your search for drone parts. They’re a robotics shop with toys, kits, and parts for robot enthusiasts. From wearable tech to service robots and drones, this is your one-stop robotics shop. RobotShop even has a downloadable app where you can peruse its store offerings!

Calling itself “the world’s leading robot store,” you may find your new favorite retailer when you search through everything in stock at RobotShop. Their drone parts selection is extensive, with recovery systems and wiring, remote control parts, propellers, motors, frames, and electric components.

These parts are from major brands, more than we can list here. Some of them are Zeiss, MakeBlock, Lynxmotion, Hyperion, Maytech, Hubsan, Applied Aeronautics, IdeaFly, Hitec, and Aerobits. While you can find tons of great stuff for sale at RobotShop, they do not carry DJI parts or drones. If you don’t own a drone from DJI, then this is no big deal, but given the popularity of that brand, you may have to keep looking for parts.


How Amazon's logos reflect its evolution - Marketplace

Amazon needs absolutely no introduction. According to BigCommerce, monthly, Amazon attracts over 197 million worldwide people to its site. They don’t all necessarily buy, but a lot of them do. Amazon outsells every other retail brand out there right now, after all.

It’s very easy to shop on Amazon, which is part of what makes it so appealing to consumers across the globe. The link we provided in the paragraph above is a list of Amazon’s top 14 highest-selling drone parts. Each of these products has four of five stars, making them a great choice.

Of course, should you want to shop for something besides what you see on that list, you can always search for it. That goes for everything from propellers to gimbals, frames, mounting plates, batteries, and more. No matter which brand of drone you use, from DJI to other manufacturers, you can more than likely get the parts you need.

Amazon’s reasonable prices and quick shipping (especially for Amazon Prime members) make shopping with them convenient and easy. You probably already use Amazon to buy plenty of other things in your life. Why not drone parts as well?

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Horizon Hobby

Getting back to some smaller companies now, let’s talk about Horizon Hobby next. They sell parts and products for boats, helicopters, drones, trucks, cars, and RC airplanes. According to their website, they’re stocked with more than 25,000 products.

Horizon Hobby also prides itself on its fast and convenient returns, exemplary customer support, and same-day shipping. To make life easier for its customers, Horizon Hobby offers free shipping if you spend more than $99. You can even split your costs into payments you make by the month.

The parts you can buy at Horizon Hobby include those from ParkZone, Fat Shark, Dynamite, Spektrum, RISE, DYS, RPM, E-flite, Revolution, Yuneec, Dromida, and DJI. Just head to the Horizon Hobby website to get your hands on modulation, brushless motors, LiPo batteries, connectors, charger leads, and more.

You can even find discontinued products on Horizon Lobby’s website. If you have a drone that just stopped being sold, it’s always good to know you can still track down the parts somewhere. The availability of discontinued items isn’t guaranteed, so we recommend you shop quickly if you need something that’s not made anymore. 

Unmanned Tech Shop

Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop

UK-based Unmanned Tech Shop is our next pick. While they do ship overseas, you should expect slower shipping due to the transit involved. That said, if you’re in the UK yourself, then you’ve found your local resource for all things drone parts.

Depending on the part you’re looking for, the range of options for specific drone brands does vary. You can expect at least some parts from manufacturers like Foxneer, Ethix, RacerStar, Matek Systems, Airbot, DJI, Hex Technology, DYS, and T-Motor.

Gimbals—including motors, controllers, and accessories—are offered here, as are plenty of connectors and cables. You can even pick up installation or replacement hardware like standoffs, spacers, screws, and nuts.

Add to your order with propellers (between two and 17 inches), batteries (3.7 to 22.2 volts), brushless motors, and multirotor frames. These include brushed frames, hexacopter frames, heavy-lift frames, and even micro and mini frames.

Unmanned Tech Shop even has autopilots and flight controllers from Ardupilot, Navio, Pixhawk, Omnibus, and CleanFlight. You won’t be wanting for much when you shop on this site!


Another one of those retailers that needs no introduction is eBay. Founded in 1995, eBay is a top site for buying and selling goods. These can come brand new or used. Due to the nature of eBay, we won’t talk about any specific drone parts, as they often get snatched up fast. That said, you can generally expect to find parts from Syma, Parrot, Hubsan, Eachine, DJI, and others. To reiterate though, availability is not guaranteed.

Just type in whatever drone part you’re looking for and you’re sure to get a lot of results back. Some eBay listings are Buy It Now, meaning the price is as listed and you don’t have to bid for it. You can just add the item to your cart and check out like you would on any other online retailer’s website. If you do have to bid, prices can often go up, so be careful!

You definitely want to be a smart shopper if using eBay. The site has a good reputation and offers a lot of protections to its buyers, but that doesn’t mean you should blindly buy the first product that catches your attention. Read the reviews and check the seller’s rating. If a lot of people had trouble with the seller, you might want to keep looking.


If you’re still searching for a site to buy your drone parts, allow us to recommend Hobbyking. They’re a store dedicated to remote control vehicles like quadcopters, cars, planes, and drones. You can find more than 1,700 ready-to-fly drones as well as nearly 600 accessories for your UAV. If that’s not enough for you, you can browse through more than 300 spare parts, including 500+ propellers, over 100 motors and related parts, and more than 70 frame kits.

Do you own a DJI drone like many of our blog readers do? On Hobbyking, you can shop for Phantom 3 camera lens hoods, intelligent light batteries for the Spark, or upgrade arms for your DJI drone’s flamewheel multirotors. There’s no shortage of supplies on Hobbyking, that’s for sure.

Express Drone Parts

Express Drone Parts

The Longbow Group established the Express Drone Parts website back in 2015 for drone pilots like yourself. As a T-Motor parts distributor, the site sells professional drone equipment as well as software, batteries, propellers, and motors. You could even buy your next drone on Express Drone Parts, but their selection is limited to only Splash Drones, a UAV developed by SwellPro that’s waterproof.

Express Drone Parts’ range of parts is more comprehensive. Their motors all come from T-Motors, including series like X4, U-Power, Professional, P-Series, Navigator, and Antigravity.

The props aren’t made for specific drones. You can get these in sizes as small as four inches to as large as 40 inches. The propeller materials include plastic, glossy, or carbon. Some even fold. If you’re into Tattu batteries, Express Drone Parts stocks these as well, and a whole lot of them, too.


Let’s wrap up with DroneRacingParts. As the name tells you, this site isn’t for the everyday drone pilot, but rather, those who use their drones in a racing capacity. Given that you’d wear through your drone parts faster by competing this way, it’s always good to have a specialist site to rely on for new parts.

Drone parts are all you can buy on this site, including kits, batteries, propellers, motors, radio gear, frames, and electronics. The nature of the parts are going to be geared to racing, such as a DJI racing edition headseat.

That said, with some digging, you can locate parts that even general enthusiasts can use. At the very least, you can pick up hardware and tools for tinkering with your drone or a t-shirt repping the store. Their accessories are also handy for general drone enthusiasts. These include items like:

  • GoPro foam wedge
  • FatShark goggles DRPFPV pro cable for reading voltages
  • Nitro Nectar PH2.0 battery
  • Mr. Steel earbuds
  • 220x motor soft mounts


A lost or worn-down drone part does not have to be the end of the world. Through the above 12 parts retailers, you can find a replacement part and reassemble your drone so it’s better than ever. You can’t go wrong with any of the sites we suggested, so take your time, do some price comparisons, and pick the one that’s best for you.

Happy shopping!

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